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Do You See What I See

Published on September 19, 2016 under 5 senses


“Children learn about their environment through their senses. They come to understand concepts through their sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Children understand “soft” when they touch a kitten’s fur. They notice colors when they see a beautiful rainbow. They know what “loud” means when they hear a clap of thunder. They understand “sour” when they first taste a lemon. They sniff with delight when they smell bacon cooking. These sensory experiences are a natural way for children to learn about the world around them.”

This week our BIG IDEAS are :

I see with my eyes

I hear with my ears.

I touch with my hands.

I smell with my nose .

I taste with my tongue.

Today we focused on the sense of sight.   Immediately after breakfast we took a walk .  We had a list with us of things to look for.  It was fun as we walked our neighborhood as a group looking for things like stop signs, bees and dogs.  My favorite was the neighbors.  As they would walk by the kids would y’all “THERES A NEIGHBOR!!”  ( Walks like this are also a great time just for conversation and practicing safety rules like ” don’t walk in the street. ”  )



Inside we did our vision screening.


And played games that required our eyes.


Outside we did a little science activity .  We took our magnifiers outside and used the hula hoops to make a small observation circle .  I encouraged the children to look closely for things they could not see with just their eyes.


We read a book about glasses. Two of our friends wear glasses so most of us know what they are for and how they are used.

We also played a great game that you can continue to play at home.  I spy with my little eye……

When I looked at our work sampling data the other day it showed we needed more science . Science indicators are usually more difficult to observe and many times have to be ” set up.” Not today.. science everywhere I looked.


Learning how technology affects our life.  ” Ms Dallas, the big hand is on the 6 now .” This was following Ms Dallas telling us we needed to finish our lunch so we could get outside by 1230 when the big hand is on the 6.

img_1442“Let’s get on to see who is heavier… ”

img_1438 ( This is a video.. it should work when you click it .)

Tryston playing the drums this morning and making the rain pop up in the air.

Thanks for hitting those science indicators for me kiddos ! 🙂


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