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Self Portraits and Outside Play

Published on August 23, 2016 under Winter

We are still working on learning routines and getting to know each other.  It was wonderful to look around the room today and see some of our littles doing their classroom jobs.

Simon is the shoe helper and he was happy to help !



Parker is the hand washing monitor and she gave direction as her friends washed.


I don’t have a picture but when we got up from the table Naomi pushed in any chairs that were left out.   She is the chair straightener.

At the beginning of each month we do a self portrait.  As the months progress I will show you an example of what that looks like and what we  are specifically looking for.  It’s a fascinating process ! We did our first self portrait today.


We spent extra time outside today . It was such a beautiful day with the breeze blowing.  We are starting to notice  some of the changes that take place in fall .  We saw yellow leaves in the trees. Kids love to play outside.   Teachers love outside time too !   It is relaxing, stress reducing  and a time when much development takes place.

Physical development is evident outside as children learn about their bodies and how much space the occupy, practice important physical skills  and exercise and strengthen muscles.  Children also learn social skills – cooperation , turn taking and being on  a team.  Kids also learn about the world around them  . They observe changes in plants ( like we noticed the yellow leaves this morning .) They watch living things like worms and crickets and learn about the earth by collecting rocks and digging dirt.

Our outdoor area is an extension of our classroom.  We plan for this part like we do the other parts of our day.


The environment includes parts that help encourage learning. For example , the stumps help children develop their motor skills and judgement about what they can safely do. There is a lot of buzz right now about children and risk taking.  Being able to take safe risks with proper supervision is so important.  There are trikes and plasma cars that help develop balance and coordination  .


The sand area is used for creating and exploring a few scientific facts !   There are so many things to do on our playground.  Dress up and pretend in the playhouse, pretend and science in the mud kitchen, motor development in the outdoor blocks and creativity in the music area.



Of course… they still love the boxes.





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