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Published on April 13, 2016 under Winter

Dallas was out today .  Randy did an  excellent job.  When he is in charge up stairs  it is always a little louder so I decided why not ? Why not go ahead and get some of my gross motor assessments out of the way.


We are required to assess once a year within 45 days of enrollment.  I see no benefit  in doing that if I don’t also do an end of the year for comparison.  It is always encouraging for me to see the progress we make all without the use of rote teaching or flashcards .  We rarely even do a circle time now.  We walk around and join the kids play and teach where they are.  We usually have a game of some sort for small groups but the kids don’t realize it is a ” teaching moment.”


Today we stacked blocks.  We cut .   I listened to the children sing their abc’s , skip ( or gallop in a lot of cases ) , count to 20, tell me their full name and their birthday and how old they are.  We used blocks to assess colors and position words.  We call them games.

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