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Hopper Hunts for Spring

Published on March 29, 2016 under Winter
Hopper Hunts for Spring

Today’s small group was reading ” Hopper Hunts For Spring. ” We learned the Spring is not a person it is a time of year.


Its not every day that you run into ” Cop Hopper ” in the art center.


Ms Dallas charted with the 3s the things they know about Spring


I charted with the 4s the thing they want to know about kindergarten. The class we are partnering with is making a book based on our questions. If you read the questions you will see the things that are important to them . They are accustomed to a home-like environment as ” school.” Do you have flower beds ? ” ” Do you have pets ?” ” Do the teachers help kids ? “


We had another special visitor today . One of our prospective families came by to visit. I don’t think we scared her off.  🙂




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