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Feeling A Little Jazzy Today !

Published on February 24, 2016 under Winter
Feeling A Little Jazzy Today !

Today  was our day to explore jazz music .  When the children were eating breakfast we cranked up a few jazz tunes on our Bose.    We listened for a saxophone because later we were expecting a special visitor.


Glendon, Canyons brother came and shared his tenor saxophone with us today.   The children thought he was so cool.   He did high notes and low notes. The children matched the tone.  He did short notes and long notes.



He talked about how he blows air through the horn to get sound and where he plays his saxophone.  The children asked him questions .

How does air get out that hole ?

What are the buttons for ?

How is a saxophone made ?

Why is it tall ?

Have you ever played  short one ?

The most popular question was ” Do you play a guitar ? ”

But did you hear what I said ??  They asked questions !! They asked REAL QUESTIONS ! When in a group of preschoolers and you say do you have a question normally you get ” One time I was …. ” or ”  I have one of those… ”  You get statements .  Another thing I noticed was they did not repeat what another child said . Their questions were unique and they were relevant.   This is BIG!   I don’t know why the shift this year except maybe that we have been very consistent  with our question of the day and we started another ” question of the day ” at lunch.  I read the question and tell them to think before they answer.  Today’s question was ” if you could have any present in the whole world right this very minute what would you want ?”   We take the  time to listen to each child’s answer. Maybe by using this terminolgy  so many times through out our day they are ” getting it .”


We played music chairs.  I never took away a chair.  They never noticed. Win Win.

We took all the instruments out of our basket and formed a marching band and marched around the room with our instruments.


In that basket were MANY instruments.  FCCRS says that we should have atleast 10 age appropriate instrments available.  I kept about 14 and put the rest away.  When I spread them out on the table for our band one of the little girls said ” was ALL this in our basket ?” Yes.. yes it was.
I had some left over cardboard guitars that some of the children chose to decorate today.

It was a great day to be a music


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