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What is Healthy ?

Published on January 19, 2016 under Uncategorized
What is Healthy  ?

Yesterday we  talked about and charted what does ” being healthy ” mean .  We say things like that all the time but children have no point of reference to know the meaning.  They can only remember what they know and have associated with it in the past.  For one little boy he said ” Get your eyes and ears checked. ” My guess would be when he had that done his mom said ” We are making sure you are healthy. ”  Another child said ”  Carrots.” Most likely she has been told to eat her carrots they are healthy for you.


We read a funny book called “Gregory the Terrible Eater ‘ today .  The silly goat didnt want trash . He wanted to eat healthy foods.


We also read a book called Give me  5 !   We talked about needing 5 fruits and vegetables every day. We jumped 5 times, We twirled five times.  We added a lot of gross motor to reading our book.   Adding active activities like this helps the children remember .


We read another book today. We actually MADE an emergent reader today called ” I like food. ” Dont we all !   Each page has the words ” I like” and a picture.   Sit down with your child tonight and see if they can recall the text and read it to you.

Outside we did races to help us remember that being active is healthy too.


Outside… it was COLD today.   But lets think about a poem from Walt Whitman today.


There was a child went forth every day; And the first object he look’d upon, that object he became; And that object became part of him for the day, or a certain part of the day, or for many years, or stretching cycles of years. The early lilacs became part of this child, And grass, and white and red morning-glories, and white and red clover, and the song of the phoebe-bird, And the Third-month lambs, and the sow’s pink-faint litter, and the mare’s foal, and the cow’s calf! ~Walt Whitman



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