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The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Published on December 7, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today we started a unit on bears .   We charted what we already know about bears.


1.  They growl when someone is near .

2.  The crawl.

3.  They are mean.

4.  Bears hibernate.

5.  Bears live in a cave.


We read two books about bears and the ” sleeping ” they do in the winter. While reading the books we found out two more things to add to our list.

1.  Den is another word for cave.

2. Lair is another word for cave.

Our morning was a little off schedule.  See… the kids CRAZY teacher took it on herself to get 400 post cards addressed and ready for mail out first thing this morning.   When she went to the post office she THOUGHT they could run the 420 card through a postage machine. No…..  The girls helped me peel stickers of birds ( stamps ) and get the postcards ready. They were so helpful.   The crazy thing is as they were ” helping ” me they were learning.  I heard discussion about the birds matching and counting and of course there was fine motor practice.  Did you see how I just justified the child labor that took place in my classroom this morning.  As I made sure they were placed in the right vicinity of where they should be on the card one of the littles looked at me and said ” Oh.. you know I am not a post girl.”  🙂

We also took some time to go through our ” Whoville ” attire today to see what else we need !

Hello Monday….  the day you feel like you are just paddling upstream.





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