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Keepsake Ornaments

Published on December 16, 2015 under Uncategorized
Keepsake Ornaments

Today we had a few new activities on the table.

There was a game that encouraged one to one correspondence .  There were tiny red Christmas presents and a tree with slots.  The goal of the game was to put one tiny present in each slot.  Tomorrow I may up the challenge by adding a scoop or tweezers to move the present with and get some more fine motor practice.


There was a small Christmas village for pretend play.  The kids love this every year.


One of the math games we played today involved Christmas trees and pom pom balls. The kids would put the correct number of pom poms on each numbered tree.



We practiced for our program this Saturday morning at 10 am.



We took at closer look at our Question of the Day today.  Would you like to be Santas elf or Santas reindeer ? We talked about how that is a graph that we use every day to compare things.    The majority of the children know the terms most and more.   I have been trying to focus more on less and least.  Try that at home !


We also made a couple ornaments.  Hopefully you like keepsake ornaments !



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