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Foodie Friday ~

Published on October 16, 2015 under Uncategorized

There are many benefits to cooking with children.  We plan a cooking experience once a week and usually on Friday. Today we did TWO COOKING projects.  Overachievers, right ?


As the children came in they washed hands and helped Mr Randy cook their breakfast .  It was an apple turnover made with apples and crescent rolls.  So yummy.


Later in the morning the kids helped Ms Dallas cut up apples with a plastic knife to make crock pot apple sauce.  It is still cooking now and should be ready for snack.


Another fun thing we did today was play Hi Ho Cherry O.  Playing games with this age group is fun. They dont really have a ” I HAVE TO BE THE WINNER” concept yet . Playing games with your child helps them learn turn taking, fair play, and in this case lots of math.  They had to recognize the number on the spinner and count out that many apples ( we  pretended the cherries were apples .) There were also points in the spinner that required taking one away so we were able to introduce terms like subtracting.





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