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Even Firemen Hug Their Moms

Published on October 2, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today we completed our unit on fire safety.  What a fun day it was !


Gage’s grandma and Grandpa came again to help with some fine motor development.  What a treat it is to have Laura Ingalls Wilder show up to help and love on our kiddos.

There are a few things that we do every month so we can track progress such as self portraits.  Already I am seeing improvement .  If you would like some background information on why we do self portraits monthly and what we learn from them there is a good article here.


If you are learning about fire safety it should be a given to make smores over a real campfire, right ? I dont know who was more excited the kids or Ms Dallas.  She said ” I LOVE MY JOB. What a great place to work.. ”  I hope the kids feel the same way about the activities we plan.  So, like a great boy scout Ms Dallas built a small fire and brought out 3-4 kiddos at a time to roast marshmallows and talk about fire safety.   The kids really enjoyed it and said it was so yummy.


There was more pretend firehouse play today.


We read the book ” Even Fireman Hug Their Moms. ” The kids thought it was funny and said they didnt think it was true.  One advantage to living in a small town is the accessibility to resources.  I picked up my phone and called the Captain and put him on speaker phone. I explained what we were doing and what we read and what the kids thought.  I asked him ” Do firemen hug their moms?”  As I expected he confirmed they do indeed hug their moms and that he hugs his every chance he gets.  ( What a great sport. )

We made a chart today of what we had learned.  You know what is amazing and what really struck me about our preschool family.  Normally in a large group children repeat what everyone else says.  Today we had atleast 12 unique thoughts and statements about what we had learned.  Way to go preschool family.  You guys are rockstar learners !

Another thing that is important to point out.  Do you remember when I blogged about blocks how we talked about there are distinct stages of building that children go through that first they build out and then up ?  Can you recall what they have been doing in the front yard for a couple weeks ?  Remember the path of blocks they were building.  Today Ms Dallas pointed out they are now building UP with those block formations.  LOOK!  🙂   YES!!!!


We had a special lunch today that we themed. In my next life  I want to open a children’s party business ( when I have the time.. LOL ) So sometimes I have to whip out my party magic skills to create a memory for my preschool kiddos.


It really was a blazing red hot fun day.  Happy Friday.


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