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I Am Sad

Published on September 22, 2015 under Uncategorized

Its hard when children are sad.  So many things make children sad.  It might be that mom and dad are arguing or a toy got broken.  Some days it might be  something as simple as ” I wanted the red chair. ”   As parents and teachers it is not our job to always make our children happy. Take it from an older mom… you want your children to learn to manage all their emotions including sadness .


We played an emotions sorting game.

They really enjoyed when I told them the story of ” The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” As I told the story we talked about the emotions in the story. How do you think the little billy goat felt when the troll came out ? How did the LARGEST billy goat feel ?  What emotion was the troll expressing when he came out from other the bridge ?   How did the two billy goats feel when the rest of their family was on the other side of the bridge ?

We used our mirrors to practice making feelings faces.


We talked about things that make us sad and charted it.

Just a reminder how we learn our letters at Bright Beginnings.  We have many experiences that expose us to letters.

Over time we become aware of letters   .


After that happens is when we can begin learning the sounds that letters make. Anytime before that is simply rote learning ( memorizing. )



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