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Published on September 16, 2015 under Uncategorized

Can you imagine not being able to hear ?

—–Not being able to hear your child laugh ?

—–Not being able to hear a funny story ?

—– Not being able to hear music that takes you back to when you were  16 ?



Outside today the kids read ” The Listening Walk .”

5″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>Wrap up-

After reading the book Ms Dallas took small groups on a walk around the neighborhood ” listening .” They had a visual chart with pictures so they could ” read” what they were listening for .

I thought adding bells to the paint brushes today would be a major attraction but only a few of the kids seemed interested.


We read the ” Quiet Book ” and the ” Loud Book.”  After reading we made a chart listing the things we know that are quiet and the things that are loud.  We also took a vote to see who preferred loud over quiet and remarkably most of the children said they preferred quiet.

We played a game .  I would read the sentence and he children would touch the body part or sense they would use .

How can you tell…..
a. your dinner is burning? ( nose )

Your telephone is ringing? ( ears ) 

Your soup needs more salt? ( tongue )

There were a couple tricky ones like ” how can you tell it is raining ?”  Eyes and ears !


In honor of our hearing ( and yours ) today we made music shakers.  You. Are. Welcome.  🙂


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