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Little Pig Little Pig

Published on April 13, 2015 under Uncategorized

Little Pig Little Pig

Let me in !

Not by the hair of my

Chin-ny Chin Chin.


Today we started a unit on construction.   ” The Three Little Pigs ” is a great story to open discussions about building . The kids LOVE this story.  I bet you hear the story over and over at home.  But just for the record our pigs would sing a certain song :

And they sang

Tra la la la la la la lal la la alalalalalala  ~

Ok, maybe its better to music. Its one of my favorite kids song !

After reading the story we built houses of straw, sticks and bricks to see which one would withstand the wind and of course, the brick was sturdy.



Using the story of  the three pigs also have us the change to practice using vocabulary words like first , second and third.

Most Mondays we open a new theme box. The kids were loving the new things they played with today.



Another HUGE thing we did today was our first group went to visit Northside. This week I am taking two incoming kindergartener each day to lunch at the cafeteria.   Bentley and Logan had lunch with me today.   They carried their own trays and picked out their milk and took a spoon and a napkin.  After entering the line they placed their things on a full tray and carried it with two hands to the table.  SUCCESS!   We also learned how to put our tray away .  Mrs Fox , the principal and Mrs Freking the counselor both stopped by our table to say hello.  It was a good day.





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