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Published on April 16, 2015 under Uncategorized

Remember I said this week would be normal week ?  WHAT WAS I THINKING ?  I don’t believe there is such a thing as ” normal ” in our preschool world.  Anyone that can/ could , might/ should , wants to/ or maybe thought they ever wanted to visit has been here the last several days.  The wonderful thing about that is that when we know someone is coming or they pop in there is the momentary rush of anxiety of ” am I doing it right ?” or ” do I have all those papers signed in exactly the right spot?”  But overall, we know we do what is right every day… so there is no large shift or change that has to take place.






















Today one of our conscious discipline mentors came by to visit.  Leslie is so helpful and encouraging.  She emailed earlier in the week and asked could she come in and we said SURE !   She was here to answer any lingering questions we have and to pat us on the back to say ” you are doing a great job.”  Knowing conscious discipline and allowing it to work in your classroom are two different things. It was nice to hear the kids voices validating the things they have been taught about self regulation and peer support today.  We do have some that still struggle but guess what ? I STILL STRUGGLE SOME DAYS. We cant all be perfect every day !   Breathe…we are all doing great.   We aren’t all where we strive to be by kindergarten but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train. 🙂


I spent some time today observing and documenting .  I loved watching Clara in the water table.  She LOVES to play in water.  Even at Sunday School if I ” lose ” her for a minute I can almost always find her at the sink.  Clara was making up story about the ducks and their family.





















William and Chandler loved working with the locks and keys.   Activities like this promote problem solving and fine motor skills.



Gage was loving the nuts , bolts and screws I put out with a magnet today.  He stayed in that one area for an extended time intentionally placing the pieces to make an ” airplane.”   Maybe he will be an engineer one day.



Canyon mande me smile first thing this morning .  ” Hey Ms Debbie look at my I’s , No T;s No I’s , No T’s…. ”  Smart kid .






















Today was my last trip to Northside with my kiddos that are going into kindergarten in the fall.  We have learned the mechanics of the cafeteria .  We learned that you walk on a black line to get your tray and you get to choose white or chocolate milk each day.    We learned that they DO allow you to talk in the cafeteria but you have to keep your voice at a number 2 voice, which is quietly talking to the friends at your table or whispering.  ( If it gets too loud the lady might turn the lights off. )   We looked around in the restrooms and other parts of the school.   This was my first year to do this and I do believe it will be beneficial to the children on that first day.


Did I mention Dallas texted me in the middle of the kids lunch at Northside to say that DHS licensing was at the house ?  My first ” control freak” instinct was ” Grab your lunch girls.. we have to head home..”  But then I took a deep breath ( conscious discipline  works for adults too. ) and realized that my Super Star helpers can handle whatever comes their way.  It was a new lady who had never visited before.  Dallas and Randy said she loved our place and said it was wonderful.  WOOT !!! Eventually, day by day, I am learning to loosen control.


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