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Down on Grandpa’s Farm

Published on February 2, 2015 under Uncategorized

Down on grandpa’s farm there is a big brown cow.

Down on grandpa’s farm there is a big brown cow.

The Cow she makes a noise like this…



We went down on the farm to day learning our preschool basics.

In circle time we read Old MacDonald Had a Farm and we sang the song.  Just like last week with BINGO there is some letter recognition value planted in the song.



We looked at a picture of a farm and talked about it.



How do you think the children got to the pond ?

Are there sharks in a pond ?

Why do you think having a pond on a farm is a good idea?

What season is this ?

How do you know ?

What sounds might the children hear while they are fishing ?

Just looking at a picture can spin a conversation that last a long time. It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce new vocabulary.

In small groups the children made a barn from a sack.  The also colored a set of animals so at home they can sing the song with you.   They sing the song and pull out an animal and that is the animal for that verse.

In free play today there were many new activities available.

A new farm puzzle with hidden pieces.


A Big Book edition of Old MacDonald.


A sensory bin with rocks and farm equipment.



Many of these kiddos love to color . They like free art which is giving them a blank piece of paper but they also love to color.  I had some coloring sheets available and many of them chose to use them.  The sweet part was they would work for quite a while on one and then say ” I want to give it to…. ( a friend ).  ”


Some of the children painted a barn .


There were tiny farm  animals to count and sort.



And of course there was the room we turned into a barn complete with a chicken coop.


Yee Haw. Lets do it again tomorrow.


Other news….


Logan said Ms Debbie can you help me write a 15  . He has already written 1-14 on his own.  Wow.




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