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Would a dinosaur make a good pet ?

Published on January 30, 2015 under Uncategorized

We have run the race with all our pet fun.    I will share a tiny bit of information.  in the past we have had classes that have played puppy dog and kitty cat ALL THE TIME.  They would never play anything else but puppy dog and kitty cat and we heard meows and barks all day instead of little voices.  This class hasn’t caught the animal phenomenia yet.  We were a little nervous about doing this unit afraid all our little kiddos would magically transform into pets the rest of the year.  IT  DIDNT HAPPEN !!  🙂 Monday we will be moving on to a unit on farms .


Would a dinosaur make a good pet ?



Today we talked about which animals would make good house pets.   Would this animal belong inside the house or outside the house ?   Not only did it review what we have learned about pets but it reinforced the concepts of in and out.



The morning started off exciting as Logan’s dad brought his german shepherd in to visit .  She answered commands like sit and stay. She was gentle and the kids got to touch her.



BINGO was one of our favorite songs the past two weeks.   The wonderful thing about songs like BINGO is the letter recognition we gain .  As we sing I point to the letters. Today I mixed them up and most of the kids recognized the letters.  On the chart I had Bingo instead of BINGO so 4 of the letters were lower case which is sometimes over looked .  Sing the song with your child at home and then point to random letters and see what they know .




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