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We Can Travel by Animal Power

Published on January 8, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today we focused on how we can travel by animal power.  I had arranged for a horse to visit us but cancelled yesterday knowing how cold it was going to be.  By the time each child had a chance to pet and ride we would be frozen to the bone.  Hopefully we can make this up in a later unit when it gets warmer.  We did look at a picture of a horse and talk about how he is taken care of and  what it is like to ride on one.  Some of the children have ridden a horse before.  We looked at a globe and talked about a few other countries and the animals they sometimes travel on.


In small groups we played a math game with tiny wheels.








































Other things available today were a  car color matching game






















and a bunch of new cars and trucks





















and a big shiny motorcycle !





















We also made a horse paper sack puppet !




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