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Winter Patterning

Published on December 3, 2014 under Uncategorized

Patterns are everywhere we look. It is on animals .  It is in clothes.   When students start recognizing patterns they see how things fit together and work. Word patterns, art patterns, math patterns and even behavior patterns. So many things point back to a pattern

Math is the most obvious place that we start to see patterns . In preschool that means patterns that are made in the block center.  Patterns  are made in the art center as they color.  Patterns are also found in reading which they will use later.

Many times you will hear me point out patterns on the kids clothing as they come in.  ” Oh Chandler, I see you have on stripes today -red, blue , red , blue… ”


In small groups we remembered how some of our friends are wearing scarves to school. We decorated a scarf using an AB  pattern.






















We are experiencing some regression in behavior since returning from  Thanksgiving break.  We met as a family this morning to decide what might be some solutions to the problems we are having.  As a group we came up with limiting the number of children in the top two rooms.























We practiced our Christmas program today.  We will let you now very soon if we will need your help getting their costume together.  Here is a preview of one !






















We also talked about summer and winter clothing today.  Do you wear coats in the summer ? Do you wear swimsuits in the winter ?


As the children came in this morning there was an activity on the table that promoted fine motor skills.  The kids made their own jingle bell sticks for the program !



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