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Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy

Published on November 6, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today has been a busy day and our days are getting easier and more productive as we putter along.

Today we added the conscious discipline signs in our calm down spot . One of the things that was stated over and over again is how visual preschoolers are and how much having these types of materials in our classroom is.  I encourage you to put the four calm down techniques that I sent home at parent conferences on your child’s calm down space at home.


During family time we always have a commitment .  Usually the kids chose it and its something like ” pick up our toys ” or ” we wont hit our friends.”  Also from the training Dallas and I just attended we were encouraged to use a commitment chart. Again, just putting the visual there.  We introduced it today. My plan is when Dallas and I are having one on one time with the children each morning we will help them choose which commitment they will make for the day.





















We used a salad spinner to make art pieces today.
































































We worked together to make a fruit salad that we all shared at lunch.  Children are more apt to try new foods at home if you allow them to help you prepare the dish.























During journal time today I added a little challenge.  I drew a bowl on their page and asked them if they wanted to they could add fruit to make a fruit salad like we made for lunch. Many of them did it !  We also talked about fruit starts with F just like fire and fireman.  A few of them decided to write F’s on their journal.




One of our friends needed some travel size cranky cream today.  I often wondered what we would do with all these little lotions that Randy hoards from our hotel stays and now I know. If you need a travel size cranky cream just let me know. I can set you up.  It really does work wonders. I will even teach you the song.





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