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Super Heroes are Safekeepers !

Published on October 21, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today our main theme through the day was super heroes keep us safe.   We havent taken out the new costumes yet .  We are waiting until we have explores most of the ” safe and responsible ” content before adding more intense super hero play.


You know we use the term safekeeper with our conscious discipline techniques. Our job as safe keepers is to keep the children safe.  Ironically, super hero’s jobs are to ” keep it safe ” as well.   Today we looked at a picture of super man.  What does he use his eyes to do ? He looks for danger .  What does danger look like in our classroom ?  If we leave toys on the floor someone could fall. He uses his eyes to look for things that are not safe.  He uses his hands to help people. He hands are not used to push or hit or shove.  Some ” safekeeper ”  things he does with his hands are helping a friend when they fall or pushing chairs in so no one falls.  Where do super heroes feet belong ?  A super hero’s feet are always on the floor ready to run or fly off to help.  A super hero does not use his feet to kick other super heroes.   Super heroes are safe keepers .


We played a game called ” safe or not safe” and the children told me what side they thought ” it ” might belong on.


As you can see, this unit is redefining what we know as super heroes.  We are emphasizing that a super hero is helpful. His main job is not to fight.



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