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Light or Heavy Pumpkins ?

Published on October 16, 2014 under Uncategorized

Busy ! Busy  ! Busy !

We have found out that this group works best when we stay busy.

Today we did a math activity with candy corn.  Who doesnt LOVE candy corn ?   We counted to ten and looked at  leaves with numbers on them.  The children were given candy corn and they places the correct number of candy corn on their leaf.  Being able to count to ten and being able to correctly count out ten pieces of candy or grapes is two different things.  It is more important to be able to correctly count out 5 grapes correctly than count to 100.  At home you can help your child with this by counting things you are playing with or eating ? As you give them a snack ask them how many they would like and help them count them out.  Point to each one slowly and methodically as you count.






















We also talked about the terms heavy and light.  We lifted our pumpkins and talked about which one was heavy and which one was light . Is the heavy pumpkin lighter or heavier than my car ? Is the light pumpkin heavier or lighter than a block ?









































Pumpkin pie in a cup ! YUM !  The kids made it and they liked it !




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