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We all were babies !

Published on September 8, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we started a unit about our amazing bodies !   Its hard for children to understand that they used to be any smaller than they are right now.   Its even harder for them to understand that we ( adults ) used to be babies.

First thing this morning my sweet neighbor brought her baby named Jude over for show and tell.  A couple of the kids asked questions like ” what does he eat ? ” and ” where does he sleep?”  Then she gave him a bath.   Jude loved the water and splashed and smiled.









































Later in the morning several of our friends used a baby doll to pretend giving a bath.  They loved the sensory experience with the water.  Children imitate life. That is why the dress up area in our classroom is so popular. They like to mimic the things they see and hear in their own life.  This year we have had picnics on the dress up room floor.  I have heard little girls calling their boyfriends on the pretend phone .  I have heard them say ” You are the mom. I am the dad.”   The dress up area ( dramatic play ) is a great area to play in to gain social skills.









































In addition to our regular dress up area this week we have a doctors area.  I worked about three hours yesterday finding materials, laminating, changing furniture around and planning our special space.  The kids did have a great time playing there . Doctors offices can be scary places for kids.  Many times when they visit them they get shots or medicines they dont like. This gives them an opportunity to have a positive experience.  Some dressed up as the doctor and some as the nurse. There is a reception area for the secretary to work in  and a waiting area .  There are many doctors tools for them to use and bandaids. KIDS LOVE BANDAIDS. Ms Dallas stayed in that room all morning rotating groups in and out to introduce them to the center and helping extend their play.  ” Do we play with medicine or take medicine at home without mom or dad ?”  So many cool things will go on in this center this week  .









































Still…. working on assessments. They dont really realize it.  Today we did body parts ( which was perfect for our unit ) using BOO BOO Bobby. I would asked the kids to put a bandaid on the different parts of the body we were assessing.  The ones many of them tend to miss are heel, ankle and wrist.





















We also showed the baby pictures of the children that brought them this morning.  We talked about how long they were when they were born compared to now.  They were all such cuties !




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