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Listening With Our Ears

Published on September 19, 2014 under Uncategorized

Its seems a little redundant to have a day on the topic of ” we listen with our ears.” We talk about that ALL the time and how important it is to listen.  Traditionally in today’s lesson plan the book  ” The Listening Walk ” is included and after reading it we take a walk around our neighborhood to listen for various sounds like birds, cars or babies crying.  With so many new littles we dont feel we are to the point yet to do that safely so we will save that for a little later in our year.  One of our groups favorite things to do is take walks around our town and learn about our community hands on.  We cant do that until all of our friends are listening , obeying , and not pushing.  I have faith we will get there with consistent modeling and reminders about how to stay safe.


There was more fine motor practice today.


One activity we did today that included all 5 senses was exploring a coconut.  We touched it and found out it was a little hard and hairy.   We used our eyes and saw that it was brown.  We smelled it  – nope – nothing there.  We shook the coconut in our ears and heard something mysterious inside.  We guessed what might be inside. Most of the littles thought there was water.  We cracked it open to see the liquid inside and even used our tongues to taste it.  Some of our class liked it and some did not.



During journal time we saw some reflections of our morning.


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