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Oh Do You Know The Pizza Man

Published on August 26, 2014 under Uncategorized

The highlight of the kids day was they made their own lunch . The kids went into the kitchen and helped me make BBQ Chicken Pizza for lunch today.


We also introduced the dress up area.  Sure, they have been playing there all week but today we sat down and talked about what are some things we do in the dress up area and how to take care of our materials.  Do we really put the food in our mouth or so we just pretend ?  Why ? When you walk into your moms kitchen are there dishes all over the floor ? Should we just throw our dishes on the floor ?


We had a busy day.  Nap time wasnt near as much fun as yesterday , but we expected that .


Dallas and I were talking about the children and what we know already :


Lilly – Social, friendly , quiet presence

Gage – Very verbal , loves trucks and airplanes

Izzy-  Little Momma, caretaker

Bentley – Leader, trying new foods

Gabriel – Mr Smiley and loves to Say Ms Debbie ! Ms Debbie !  🙂

Canyon – Leader and wants to be friends with everyone

Jude- Gets excited so easy !

Jasmine – Very laid back and friendly

Logan- Loves to bowl , Athelete

Chapman – Likes pretend play – fireman, policeman

Violet – Sweet  and quiet

Tessa – Expects everyone to follow the rules, LOVES dirt

Eden – loves music and superwoman

William – Obedient and caretaker

Chandler – Likes for things to be in their place

Kilee – Likes to talk on the phone and is making me friends

These are just quick notes we made on the kids.  Some of them you may be thinking THAT IS NOT MY CHILD! 🙂  Children take on different personalities in different settings and with different people. and we are only 5 days into the school year.  I am sure some of them are still reserved just trying to figure it all out.    We love to spend the time to get to know each child where they are and help them grow.  Each child is unique and needs different things from us.  That is ultimately our job.  We dont package them up in a pretty little bow and expect them all to be the same. It is important to us that we really know each child and help  bring out the best in them.


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