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Frogs on a Lilly Pad

Published on May 2, 2014 under Uncategorized

We finished up our unit on ” Life on the Pond” today by playing a game with frogs , lilly pads and a dice .  Each child had a lilly pad and would roll the dice . What ever number it landed on they would place that many frogs on the lilly pad.  One dice had dots they had to count and the other had numbers.  Both dice are excellent math tools.


During circle time we read ” The Frog and The Princess.”   The kids really enjoyed the story of the frog that did a favor for the princess and then she promised to kiss him. But, she wouldnt because she thought it would turn her into a troll. In the end she did kiss the frog and he of course turned into a handsome prince .  We did a graph of who would kiss a frog and who would not.  Two of the girls said they would if he wasnt slimy.


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