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Red and Blue Make….

Published on April 15, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we read the book Mouse Paint which is about three mice that are white and they get into some paint and mix it all up.  It is a very cute book.




After reading about the mice mixing the paint we did a little mixing ourselves.  We started with clear water and added red food coloring.  Then we added blue food coloring to make purple water .  This is a great hands on experience for the kids.







































We also played another round of UNO . We matched numbers this time .  This was a little more difficult than the colors. In UNO there are 4 colors and 9 numbers so we doubled the amount of sorting categories .  Many of the children were able to immediately match the numbers .  A few of the younger children needed help .  We are still having problems distinguishing the number 6 from the number 9.  When you see these numbers at home, point them out to your child .  I usually say ” On a 9 there is a round shape at the top . On a 6 the round shape is at the bottom. ”





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