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Maybe I didnt need THIS much WIND

Published on April 3, 2014 under wind

For some reason I have thought today was Friday all day. Maybe because it is MY Friday ?  Maybe because this week has been so hectic I am crazy ?  Oh well, you got the Friday dance party on Thursday.  BONUS!

We stayed outside for a longer period of time this morning. It felt so good even though there is an impending storm.  The kids were able to see the wind moving objects and feel it in their faces. We even had breakfast outside this morning.

Ms Rhonda came to play for a while and the kids got her in a worm hunt.  After finding the worms and coming in she gathered many of them around the table to look at the worms more closely with magnifiers .









































We did some wind experiments today.

We heated a bottle up in hot water and watched the air inside the bottle warm to blow up the balloon we had attached to the top.  The kids were amazed that the balloon blew up on its own.




We used the blow dryer and tested several things to see if they would ” blow ” across the table.  Some of the objets we had to use the higher setting on to make it move. Some would not budge regardless. It was interesting to hear the children’s predictions of what would blow and what would not and why they thought that.  Of course we wrote it on chart paper and tallied up our answers.  Math and Science usually go hand in hand and when you write the answer you add a literacy element to the learning.






















We also learned that if the crayon was laying long ways in the wind it would not move , the wind went around it. But if we turned the crayon wide across the wind it moved fast.

Since it is that time of year when bad weather hits Arkansas we talked about wind and how it can get very strong.  It can even be so strong it breaks glass or blows over trees.  We have practiced this before but today we worked really hard on how we will be safe if the wind gets too rough outside .  Do you have a safe place at home that you can be when a storm comes through ?






















I had a teacher ” ugh” moment today.  For two years we have served whole fresh foods which we all know is the healthiest option for the kids.  Today the menu I use called for a ramen noodle with chicken recipe.  We were out of the fresh fruit so I exchanged it with canned corn. We also had canned carrots.  TWO CANNED products in one day. Now.. dont get me wrong.  I know there is nothing wrong with canned foods.  I am not saying they are not healthy . I am just saying that I can feed them healthier by providing fresh foods without so may preservatives.  Most of them ate every stinking bite on their plate.  They loved it.  :/  Then there is that inner turmoil of ….. am I doing the right thing?  Am I truly creating or starting the appreciation of fresh vegetables ? Should I give them all that packaged food if they love it so much ?  Ugh….. Im not changing my game plan but it really bugs me.

I will be leaving as soon as school is out for Little Rock.  I have a training down there Friday and Saturday.  Dallas will be in a training all day also.  Randy, Melissa and Gabby will be here to teach and play.  If I remember right several of you said you could come play that day to make it easier for them. So, have a wonderful time while I am off learning ways to make myself a better program administrator .



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