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Kites Flying in the Wind

Published on April 1, 2014 under wind

I was a little nervous going into today knowing it would be just Randy and I ( like the old days ) but we did great !  The kids were a little louder than normal but it was a ” happy ” loud.  Having DallaS here is such a help and makes things easier but its nice to know we can do it on our own still !

In small groups today we made homemade kites from papersacks.



When we went outside we used the wind and air to make them fly.

( I have a few pictures to insert here but it is saying the file is too large. Hopefully you saw the video and I will post the pictures on facebook. )


We looked at special rocks with a magnifier .



We facetimed Miss DallaS today to tell her that we ” wished her well ” during family time today.  ( Did you know one of our worksampling indicators is :  Child knows how technology affects life ?



And did beautiful art.  ( Vivian )



We also read ” The Listening Walk ” today .



The story is about a little girl that went for a walk with her dad to listen. She didnt talk or make noises she just listened.  She heard many things she didnt normally hear.  After reading the book we went around the block on our own listening walk.  It really is quite difficult for 16 children to walk around the block without talking .  I think the boys found it harder than the  girls as they restlessly made noises shuffling their feet.  We heard a dog barking. We heard some really loud birds chirping  . We heard cars as they whizzed down the street on Mount Olive . ( We were in the alley .) All in all, I think they did a pretty good job of listening as we walked. And oh yeah… we heard leaves rustling in the WIND.



Inside there was a little competition going on.  The boys really enjoyed the new tic tac toe game . We’ve got some competitive little guys here.





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