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The Wind

Published on March 31, 2014 under wind

Do you guys like how I ordered WIND to start off our weekly unit on WIND and it happened !??? AMAZING ! I dont think there has ever been a more perfect day the weather cooperated with me on what I was trying to teach.  I met the kids outside this morning just in case the rain came in earlier than expected.  The wind was gently blowing then.  Happy Preschool Teacher !  🙂

Inside we did bubble painting.





































































































We looked at our ongoing science experiments .  The middle cup DID TURN GREEN !!! WOOT!























There’s no picture but I think I heard our lettuce we are re-growing is up to 12 inches now ~


We played with more bubbles outside .






















In circle time we talked about the wind and the things we know about wind.  Some answers we charted were:

It moved things.

It is cold.

It sometimes rains when the wind blows.

All very good answers.  I cant wait to see what else we learn about wind this week.



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