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The Grinch and Green Day

Published on March 6, 2014 under Dr. Suess

I have some amazing friends that teach preschool. The wonderful thing about teaching preschool  , especially in funded programs like mine, is there is no competition. For the most part we all help each other out .  Last night on facebook a good friend of mine that has several sites including one in Gentry posted a picture of the Grinch visiting their school for Dr Suess week .  I commented ” LOVE IT !”  Within minutes she messaged me and said ” would you like for him to come see you too ? ”  YES ! YES ! YES ! So at 915 this morning the Grinch arrived at our back door to say hello to the kids. It was perfect since he is green and well.. it is green day ! The kids loved seeing him . I am very thankful for amazing friends that love me and my program.



Since we were all about green today we used different shades of green to paint.  I was in the block room when Ms Dallas walked by to say ” We are doing a group painting if you would like to join us.” The boys that were deep into a block extravaganza said ” No thank you ” and went about their business.  I love that they had manners to say ” No thank you” and I love that we have that type of environment where activities are a choice and the kids learn and play  in the way that best suits them.  There is no group or communal way to learn .
















































































We went outside to play in the snow and ice.  Though the playground was still a mess the weather was quite nice . I was outside without a coat on






























































We did take the rainboots off the welly tree so the kids shoes wouldnt get messed up.  I learned something as we took them off. Though the welly tree is trendy and cute, it probably isnt going to be functional. As I took the boots off the tree I was amazed at how much they had weathered.






Inside we had green eggs and ham for lunch.  In the past we have scrambled green eggs but many of the kids were reluctant to eat them.  I want them to have the experience but I also want them to be fed.  So we compromised and dyed hard boiled eggs green .  Twelve children liked the green eggs and ham and three did not . We graphed that in circle time.



We looked at something else green today. Remember the lettuce stalk that we stuck in the water ? We checked the growth again today by measuring and it was 10 inches !  Wow!








































It has been a busy day.  But we had a lot of green fun.




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