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Spring is here !

Published on March 20, 2014 under St Patricks Day

Today is the first day of spring.  We ” somewhat ” celebrated by starting a science / art  PROJECT.  PROJECT– the dreaded word.  We are making grass heads and started them today.






















Our color mixing science experience is coming along nicely !

Dallas and I spent some time this morning going over our checklist for quality to make sure we are ready for our FCCRS’s visit.  ( Sounds easy but its really not.  Ex.  32 soft toys or places that provide comfort or relaxation , 3-5 books that cover abilities, races, animals, familiarity, diversity, math, fiction, etc… You get the idea. VERY DETAILED. ) Ideally we should be quality providers and have quality materials out all the time.  I would like to report that as we went through the checklist we need to re-do our collection in science , put out fresh playdoh and replace the fish that died when it was icy and we are set to go ! I KNEW it was all here but I just needed to put my hands on it and check it off my list so I could rest easy knowing it is all taken care of . Now that we know all the materials are in place where they should be all we have to do is what until Marcy comes and then do what we do every day – teach and love and talk.


Today was a great day.  The weather was wonderful.




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