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Rain is Falling Down

Published on March 10, 2014 under rain

Today we started a unit on rain.  If it snows again I am gonna be one aggravated preschool teacher.  I am heading into my spring units and would like the full cooperation of the weather. 🙂

New experiences on the table today were blue and clear stones that could be sorted or counted .


There was also a sensory box that had blue aquarium rocks in it along with some weather symbols.





















For small groups today we had two activities.  We talked about when it rains outside how sometimes we find toys or other objects that have held the rain. We looked at different materials and asked ” would it hold rain?”  We graphed them on a large piece of butcher paper and then write a response statement of comparison.  It was pretty obvious to most that some of the material would not hold water because they had holes.























Another small group activity we did today was a number recognition game.  I called out the number and the kids covered it up with a rain drop.  Most of the numerals were found correctly but some of the kiddos are still mixing up 6 and 9 .



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