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Fox In Socks

Published on March 7, 2014 under Dr. Suess

This morning the kids came in with all barrels loaded for a good time.  Good for them.  Maybe.. not so good for us.  There were many opportunities to practice conscious discipline before 9 am so we decided MAYBE… some outside time would be a great idea to get all the extra energy used up in a place it is more appropriate and more safe.

So outside we went at 9 am.


The kids played .. and played and ran and played…..

This is the only picture I got.




We spent two hours out there.  We came  in at 11 am.

Our Dr. Suess book today was ” Fox in Socks”  I would just like to go on record that that is the MOST irritating book to read aloud in a group setting.  Have you tried it ? The kids thought it was funny.  So, I guess it worked out anyway.

Today was a very active day. We didnt take papers that were shaped like socks and color them to match our own. We didnt make the cute fox paper bag puppets that were planned. But thankfully… we teach in an environment that we can listen to the children and do what they are telling us they need for the day.




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