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Its a Jungle in Here !

Published on January 27, 2014 under jungle

Today we started our jungle unit.

We sorted cards that started with the letter L like lion and lollipop.  We listened for the L sound and how it felt in our mouth to help us decide whether things like log, leg , lamp or ring started with the letter L.



We started an art project / craft.  This was very teacher directed but we were working on skills like scissor cutting and following oral directions.  Tomorrow we will finish up our lions.






















There were new toys out like a sensory bin with green metallic shreds with tiny jungle animals hidden to find.



We also had a game where you had to balance the monkeys on the tree , that takes some  little natural math skills.











































Though Alex impressed me first thing this morning as he opened his cutie orange and laid out the sections and immediately counted them.  He had 4 in one row and 4 in the other row. I asked what about happen if he put 4 and 4 together ? His reply was 8 ! YAY!

A little giraffe could be seen all over the room today playing and writing. Strangest thing ever…



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