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Hungry Bears

Published on January 21, 2014 under Bears

Today was the day of another one of Dallas’ observations for her CDA that she is getting.  It went well !  See, this lady? She walks everywhere the Dallas walks, she listens and observes and then at the end of the day she gives her a critique.  My guess was there wasnt a lot that could be improved on. 🙂






















Dallas played the hungry bear game with the kids. Yesterday they made bear caves and today they hid a bear in the cave and when it was hungry it ate letters.  Ms Dallas would tell the child what letter the bear was hungry for and the child would feed it to their bear.










































During circle time today we read a book about a bear family and a storm.  As each bear got scared of the storm we would remind him what conscious discipline technique he could use to calm down.

Since we have been talking about bears some of the kids have asked us to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and then went into the block room and created a BIG House, a medium house and a small house.  Bentley was so proud of his big house !






















It looks like I needed to tie Bentley’s shoe lace.



It was a great day.  Did you know we work on self help skills like pouring ?




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