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Feeding The Penguin

Published on January 15, 2014 under snow

Finally today it seems like we are getting back into our routines and with happy faces all around .

Today we fed the penguin .  The fish had letters on them and I would ask a child to feed the penguin the letter R or the letter Q.  Very rarely was any child not able to find the letter I asked for.  Even I still get amazed that these little boogers have proven our philosophy correct that kids can and will learn what they need to learn through intentional play and the environment we set up.  As strongly as I believe that preschool age children should not have rote teaching even I get a little nervous this time of year hoping that all the foundational skills they need have soaked through our play this year and equipped them to be successful in kindergarten.  Days like today make me smile and go ahhhhhh…….





















We mixed a cooking experiment with science today as we made apple juice and then put them in the freezer to make tiny shot size popsicles .  Solid ( frozen juice ) to liquid ( drinkable apple juice ) and back to solid ( frozen popsicles was what we explored today.








































We added a different sensory experience today with the miniature animals from the arctic.  We added a frozen sheet of ice in a baking sheet for their home.  We could test which animals would slide on the ice like a penguin.  After playing with it a while we noticed that the ice would melt and turn to water.  Also, if you played too long your fingers got very cold.






















It was a good day to be a preschooler.



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