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Another Snowy Day

Published on January 14, 2014 under snow




This morning started off with the kids making their own breakfast.  Tortillas pinched into snowflakes  and fried with a light dusting of sugar.


Later in the morning I was so happy to see Fernando working on the alphabet game we did yesterday . He filled in all the blanks to complete the penguins path ! Such a smart boy !



For small groups today there was a similar game only this one used numbers.

Another activity we had fun with today was fake snow sensory play on the tables.  We used shaving cream.  It is soap but we stayed at the tables supervising every minute of the way encouraging the kids to write their name and draw snowmen !


I apologize for the sparse set of pictures.  I uploaded from two sources and the ones off the camera roll are hiding from me – quite successfully.  If I find them, I will upload them later.

Good news is we did get some outside time.  It was a little chilly since the weather is damp.  Please make sure you send your kiddos to school every day dressed for outdoor play.





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