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Of course it is warm and we are making snowflakes !

Published on December 17, 2013 under Christmas

Our advent calendar bag had ” Bake a birthday cake for Jesus ” on it today. So we did !
























We also made snowflake ornament for your tree.


















































































Do you see that pincher grip the child is using to pick up the glitter ? That is the same grip we use when holding our pencils. Though it seems we are mindlessly making ornaments.  We are using a lot of pre- kindergarten skills too !























During circle time we played a guessing game.  I had a stocking and items off my tree in it and we guessed what the object might be given clues.  Ex :

This was a guy that was in the parade last night.

He has red hair.

He has a big red mouth.

He wears a striped shirt.

His name starts with an R.

He lives at a place we go to eat .

Yowzers… I guess Ronald McDonald isnt as popular as he was when I was a kid.  The ornament was a Ronald  McDonald and I was able to share with the kids why it was on my tree. I used to work at McDonalds when I was 16 years old and I did the birthday parties there. I love sharing my ornaments and why they mean so much to me with other people.  I had a captivated audience of 16 today. Maybe we will do it again every day until school is out.  ( Todays ornaments were a sequin truck that my mom made. The Ronald McDonald ornament and the wedding ornament that Randy and I got the year we were married.  Ask the kids what they look like .  Encourage descriptive words like shiny, small, or wooden. )


( I made the stocking a few years ago to at a womens retreat.  Just call me  Suzy Home-maker. )



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