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Who provides food PARTY !

Published on October 18, 2013 under field trips

What crazy teacher would have so many things on the docket for a Friday ?

As soon as family time was over this morning we hit the pavement.  First we walked to the doughnut shop ( Shipleys ) . We had doughnuts and milk.  ( We also had apples when we got home to round out our breakfast. )  I was very proud of the kids.  A lady came in and commented on how well behaved they were.  Yes, I know you are thinking how is that , I go out with just my one or two kids and it sounds like a pep rally.  Before going in we talked about how we should act when we are in a restaurant . Not once did we have to remind them while in the store. They were awesome ! I am a true believer that you set the expectations for kids and they will meet them !

After leaving the doughnut shop ( on a SUGAR HIGH ) we headed for Harps, another place that provides food. Earlier in the week we had talked about where we get food and why.  So we decided to provide a snack for the parents on Friday afternoon.   The kids decided on chocolate cake  ( yellow with brown icing ) with chocolate milk . We made a list of things we would need. Today we took that list off the wall and went took it into Harps .  ( Bonus was seeing all the pumpkins and squash outside the store. There was one called a peanut pumpkin that really looked like it was covered in peanut shells ! )  Inside the store we saw the produce , the  bakery, the deli and felt the cold air from the coolers they keep the meat in.  The kids did a great job in the store too considering how much sugar they had on board by this point. As we left the Harps bakery offered us M and M cookies.  Well.. why not ! So, we left the store munching on cookies and headed home.

Along our walk we saw a police car.  He flashed his lights for us. We noticed the some of the leaves on the trees were starting to turn colors.  It was a good walk !

After we got home the children were given a choice to come inside with Ms Debbie and bake the cake for the parents or go in the play yard to play. About half decided to bake  the cake.

At 11:00 the prearranged pizza was delivered.  I didnt get a picture of the driver. I am sure he was glad.

We had pizza ( I added a cheese stick to that for the added protein ) , salad, grapes and milk.

After eating we went in the livingroom and watched a scholastic story on a DVD called ” Pete’s a Pizza/” Its the story of a little boy that was bored and his dad made him a pizza… literally…. made PETE a pizza. It was cute and another treat for the kids since we never go in the living room.

The little sugared up darlings are all sleeping now.  Please be prepared to get a piece of cake when you arrive.

Happy Friday.


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