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Little Red Riding Hood

Published on April 10, 2013 under fairy tales

It was so good to be back in the classroom today.  Didnt get to use a lot of the new ” techniques” we heard about yet.  It is all a little over whelming and I need to read the material again and make a plan .

We read the story ” Little Red Riding Hood” today.   This story led us to two important discussions.  Little Red’s mother told her ” do not talk to strangers” and she did.  What was the result ?  She almost got hurt.  Who is a stranger?  What if  a stranger talks to you or says hello to you while you are with your mom ?  Is it ok then?  Moms and teachers are ” safekeepers.” We are here to keep you safe.  That  is our job.  Two new terms and phrasings in our classroom that we did pick up in our training was ” we are the safe keepers . It is our job to keep you safe.”  What is your job ? ( to the child ) Answer: To help keep it safe !   We talked about stranger danger and what we could do if someone tries to talk to you and lure you away from your safe keeper . RUN AND SCREAM ! THIS IS NOT MY MOM OR DAD !

We also talked about where Little Red was going . She was headed to her grandmas to take her a picnic basket to make her feel better.  We made pictures and cards for Katelyn to take to her grandma in a nursing home and her friends !

In circle time  we had some really cool new songs that tell stories and go …. LALLALALALALALLALLLALALALLAALA! We also played a game with a picnic basket .  The basket contained food items and each child took one out and told ther group what it was and what letter sound the food item started with.

In small groups we played a Little Red Riding Hood game.  Games teach one to one correspondence and taking turns.   They also sometimes teach social lessons like ” opps, I didnt win, maybe next time. ”   Today the kids used new dice that I bought that have actual numbers instead of dots. The kids are really great at counting but i want to make sure they recognize the numerals as well.





















They were still loving the princess toys!





















They are totally excited about the special visitor we are having tomorrow. Some are a little apprehensive thinking it is a character in costume. They dont like that! But…. be assured it isnt !





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