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Arkansas Childrens Week Day 4 Thursday

Published on April 18, 2013 under Art

Today we knew we would be staying in all day. The rain was expected.  I had tons of art experiences planned for the kids.  We didnt get to all of them but we did do some cool stuff.

The children were shown Chihuly Sculptures . Have you seen any of these around ? They are very popular . Randy and I saw a huge one in the Goldstrike Casino.  ( Hey….they have nice hotels! ) Today the children tried making their own Chihuly inspired art !  Dale Chihuly is the artist !









































Another creative fun art experience today was painting like Michealangelo. I am sure you are familiar with his work !

























The kids loved getting under the table and creating art just like Michealangelo . Drawing above their head was fun.  Some of them stayed under the table for a long time.



Other children weren’t much into the creative art experiences we had today.  Imagine if you didnt sing.  You hated singing.  You didnt feel you were good at it.  What if I came and got you and said ” Today.. you will sing. ”  How would you feel.  There are some activities that I request ALL children come as a group or individually to do but art is not one of them.  Kaden preferred to read today.  There were other children that arent into art either.  ( The parents who’s children love it and have a backseat fill of paper and projects are SO jealous right now. )























Another fun thing we did today was sticker art.  The kids were given stickers and they could create whatever they wanted to on the piece of paper they were given.  Some things I heard were :

” I am making a pattern.”

“I am making a rainbow.”

“I used all my dots.”





























































And lastly the activity that took FOREVER today  was drawing with crayons on a hot plate or warmer plate.  Is isnt SO hot that it would burn them and leave a blister but it is pretty warm.  Dallas or I sat with each child while they explored with the heat and the crayons.  There weren’t really a lot of pictures drawn as long lines and dots as they experimented with the way the crayon felt as it would glide and melt across the paper. There was also a lot of color mixing which doesnt happen as easily with crayons that are not melting.  The kids really loved this and stayed there for quite a while. I used words like patient and perseverance a lot. This was science and art  !










































It really was a good day.  Tomorrow we will experiment with even more different art mediums and techniques.

Ps. I had cue cards of ” appropriate things to say ” about childrens art hanging on the wall so Dallas and I could refer to it often. It is hard to break the habit of saying the same old things you have said for years ” Good Job! ”   and ” I love it, tell me about it!”



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