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Humpty Dumpty

Published on March 28, 2013 under Easter

Do you ever have one of those days that you feel like you RAN ALL MORNING ! Today was that kind of day. Whew… Nap time was welcomed today – even  though it was late.

You would think that days we serve cereal are actually easy meal prep days but it really isnt.  It is a little hectic and there are usually a few spills along the way , but they love it.  Then.. Ms Melissa needed to interview me for one of her classes on my teaching style , philosophy and a few questions about multicultural items and experiences they kids have here.

After things calmed down a bit we got to work ( play. )

Dallas took each child and helped them to dye two eggs in the kitchen. We used the koolaide method and well.. I wasnt impressed.  I had seen these vibrant colors on pinterest where you can use koolaide instead of egg dye.  Im not sure where they got those brilliant colored eggs from but I can tell you it wasnt from the koolaide dye.  The eggs did change color to more natural earthy tints  but they werent very pretty. Disappointed !   The kids did enjoy the process though and that is what counts !











































Downstairs I was doing small groups. We read the nursery rhyme ” Humpty Dumpty” and then we talked about why we thought Humpty fell off the wall.  The kids had some really great answers like  ” The wall was wet ” or ” a bird pecked him with his beak and made him fall.”  We wrote these down and then the kids practiced cutting an egg shape out and drawing a face on their egg.  The next step was cutting the egg into pieces like a puzzle ( broken Humpty) and then taping it back together properly.





























































































































In circle time today we looked at pictures of many different kinds of rabbits and then read a story about a baby jackrabbit.

Some of our treats at lunch was homemade ambrosia and our dyed eggs !

It seem to finally calm down when the health inspector walked in  .  Inspections dont really scare me but they are uncomfortable as someone basically judges your personal space. But the good news is  I didnt get any write ups   !!!

Ty wore a costume for the first time all year ! Yay !





















Busy Busy Day.








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