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Fun interrupted by SNOW

Published on February 20, 2013 under snow

We have had a great day.  For the first time in a long time we ALMOST had a full crew here. We had 14 out of 16 here.  Tiana and Kaden are still home with what we expect is the noro-virus. This is NOT doctor confirmed it is mommy and teacher suspected. It is vomiting and diarrhea  and super sad kiddos.  After some research on the noro- virus I have asked these mommies to keep their little ones out until Monday.  All information I have found says that the norovirus is contagious up to three days AFTER the symptoms are gone.  Even though we cant confirm that is what our friends have, I would like to play it safe. Too many of our friends have been so ill.  So , please remember this if your child develops these symptoms  – to give us three days AFTER the vomiting and the diarrhea has stopped to reduce the spread to our friends.  Say prayers for our little buddies that are still ill.

We played with all our regular toys !










































We continued transportation themed activities today.























Small groups did a math game with Ms Dallas.  There were pictures of kids on a bus and the children had to count the number riding on the bus and pick out the correct number.  So not only were we counting but recognizing numbers.

The felt board with all the vehicles and planes continues to be popular.

































I have about 30 cars for the kids to sort by color.































After doing out fun music , like ” Im Gonna Drive my Car” by Laurie Berkner we graphed what kind of vehicle we came to school in today.

Then… we noticed the snow.  How in the world could any teacher sit and watch kids looking out the window drooling over the snow and not take them out in it ?  We dont get much snow in Arkansas so the excitement was real and contagious!  We bundled up and hit the snow. I think almost every child that came out the door had their tongues hanging out.  The CUTEST THIING EVER !




































After coming in we had home made hot chocolate ( of course )


and played in fake snow inside !  ( Shaving cream !



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