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Beautiful Breezes Blowing GERMS AWAY!

Published on January 28, 2013 under Uncategorized

I would like to get on here and tell you that with only eight children here today that we accomplished TONS . But, I am sure the things we accomplished would not the be things you are expecting.

We opened the window and blew all the germs back outside.

We played inside for a while . Much of that was with new friends that we dont usually play with since so many are out today.

We listened to country music and pop music.  Guess which one the kids hopped up to dance too and immediately they got a smile.  Yes, Justin Bieber.

We didnt have whole foods today. We had leftover YUMMY pot roast.

We played outside for  a long time. Long enough for Ms Debbie to rake out the flower beds.

We wrote in journals.

We made a ” get well ” video for our friends.

Yes, we had a good day. We didnt really do anything that was planned but that’s ok.  Learning to get ” off the plan” and adapt to new routines is important too.  We just played. We played with friends.  We breathed fresh air.  Yes, it was a good day.


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