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Celebrating 12/ 12 / 12

Published on December 12, 2012 under Christmas

I wanted to do something with the kids to celebrate 12/12/ 12 but wasnt sure what.  After Dallas and I talked and brainstormed we came up with doing 12 random acts of kindness.  We could talk about the number 12 a lot AND help the kids see how great it feels to do something nice for someone and expect nothing in return.

First thing this morning the kids made cookies and cut them out in the shape of 1’s and 2’s.

Then we went to work.

Act  1   – The kids wrote thank you notes to the mailman and left them in our mailbox with a subway gift card.






















Act 2 – We gave two bags of groceries to a family down the street.

Act 3 – We have watched the construction workers building the new bridge a few times. Today, we surprised them with a container of cookies.

Act 4.  We went into Cafe on Broadway and purchased Santa Cupcakes and a $5 gift card. The idea was to give the gift card to the next person in line but well…. I couldnt. When he pulled in the drive he came TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT to our kiddos and didnt even seem concerned .  Then he came in and said ” Are those all your kids out there.  ? I wouldnt have that job for anything in the world.” I should have smiled and handed him the card and say THOSE KIDS just bought your lunch .. but I just couldnt make myself do it.  We left there and took the Santa cupcakes to KLRC as a treat for the workers there.








































Act 5 – We ran into the Literacy Council and gave the lady there the Cafe on Broadway Gift card.






















Act 6  The kids also made the Firemen cards ( which we forgot at home ) but we did give them cookies !






















Act 7.  We stopped in at Parks and Recreation to share more cookies !






















Act 8  A random lady stopped to say hello to us  . We gave her Christmas Tree shaped doughnuts.






















Act 9  We went into a gift shop and handed the lady a taco bell gift card.






















Act 10 Our neighbor loves Barry Manilow.  We put his Christmas CD on her windshield.






















Act 11 We put a candy cane on our neighbors car.





















We came up ONE SHORT….. Time and energy ran out.  We had two other places we wanted to visit but I was exhausted and I know the kids little legs were getting tired.  Maybe someone can drop off the last one on the way home.  It was small children’s Christmas books that were meant to be taken to a doctors office or a child’s coloring book .  Maybe I can challenge all my families to do one more act today on the way home to make 12 !


As of all of that wasnt enough today we made initial Christmas ornaments too !









































I seriously need a ” teachers that plan too much ” support group.

What a fun day.


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