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whew…. non stop craziness today !

Published on November 7, 2012 under Pets

Non stop craziness isnt always a bad thing . Today it wasnt…  It was just very hectic.  It was hectic and we didnt even get to everything I had planned for the day.

I have grown over the years to STRONGLY DISLIKE teacher directed art.  Sometimes it is a necessary evil.  For instance , on Mothers Day when we all know the moms want that traditional handprint or at Easter when we make a bunny forty different ways because it is expected.  Teacher directed crafts do have purpose. One obvious reason to do them is the product you are working toward – such as a gift for mom.  Another reason I sometimes find it acceptable to do a teacher directed craft is to practice following directions.  There are SO MANY OTHER ways I can assess whether we are following directions or not but this is one. Today we NEEDED to do a teacher directed craft.  We are already preparing for our Thanksgiving Family Feast and the kids are making the table decorations.  Today we were modge podging 16 large cans that Katelyn’s grandma got for us at school.  There was paper EVERYWHERE… Seriously… EVERYWHERE.  Covering one of those large cans is very tedious and as I suspected they grew weary of their task. We started running out of the glue mixture so we googled and make up homemade modge podge from flour and water.   Aye….. Lets just say it was CRAZY… paper, kids .. glue  cans meltdowns ( KIDS on the whole DO NOT like whole group teacher directed crafts!)

Then in walks the DUCK! I forgot I had asked my nephew DJ bring by his baby duck he had rescued and is keeping as a pet.  So…we drop everything and go to learn about ducks as pets ! What a great opportunity for kids to see a different kind of pet.  DJ said he loves cheetos and he takes baths with their little girl.

Later we read a book called ” Are you my Mother” about a bird who was looking for his mom .

We had an early lunch and hit the play yard.  After all that organized chaos this morning we needed to run and play and scream.  Randy was painting the fence so I went outside to help watch the kids . I love doing that . I see them play in a totally different way.

In this picture the girls were asking Lyndee ” can you be our Abuela ?”









































There was dog drama from a loose dog that you can read about on facebook.  I did find out quickly that I react to children’s incidents MUCH more calm than animals crazy antics.  I need a twinkie.



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