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Gobble Gobble

Published on November 15, 2012 under parent involvement

Today the kids played ” build a pilgrim” with Ms Dallas. It was a math game . They also watched a little two minute segment of a video about how the pilgrims got to American and why .






















We started a craft for our Thanksgiving Feast.





The weather was still beautiful to play outside !





















I love watching the parents interact with each other and play with the kids .







During Circle time we read a book called ” pilgrims.” It is a non-fiction book.  We read the words and looked at the pictures and then we made a chart together that compared pilgrim children to the kids of today.

Pilgrim children :

Ate with their hands  We use forks and spoons.

Pilgrim children grow food to eat. We go to the grocery store.

Pilgrim children hunt for food.  We go to the store.

Pilgrim children protected themselves with gun. We have policemen.

Pilgrim children cook over a fire.  We cook in a microwave or on a stove.

Pilgrim children wore different clothing than we wear today.

They loved to play with bubbles and marbles. So do we.


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