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The Leaves Are Changing

Published on October 2, 2012 under fall

Today was a BUSY day.  On Tuesday’s Ms Dallas isnt here and she makes things SO much easier.  An extra set of hands goes a long way with 16 kids!  ( Thanks Ms Dallas )

The first two weeks of school I had mommy and daddy’s EVERYWHERE!~  Now…. they’ve all disappeared except Tiana’s mom who faithfully comes every day to help the kids sign in and many days stays a bit to play !  Thanks so much !  Every adults interaction with children is different.  Even the way that Randy , Dallas and I interact with each child is different.  From each of us they learn something new . It may be the way we say something or the language we use. It may be our reaction to something or how we handle emotion.  It may be the way we tell stories or just our way of scaffolding ( using what your child already knows and building on that to teach .) Please , be part of our classroom.

During small group today we practiced our math by using acorn number cards and silk leaves on a barren tree.  The kids would pick an acorn with a number on it and then place that many leaves on the tree.


I piled a bunch of leaves in the middle of the table and asked the kids how can we sort them – or put them into groups.  Almost every time the first answer was by color, which is the most obvious.  So, we all took turns pulling our chosen color from the group to sort the pile. After the leaves were sorted we counted them.  I showed the children how much easier it is to count if we put everything we are counting in a group and then pull one ( leaf ) out at a time . When we line them up on the table to count them sometimes we forget which ones we counted and count them twice.


We also practiced our cutting skills today by cutting little squares of paper from fall colored construction paper and gluing them on a tree made from our handprint.  We had a little science lesson before starting this activity . Ms Debbie is out of brown paint so we had to make some !  We tried a couple colors the other day but they turned out a little ” purply.” Today we mixed green and red and it worked !   The kids were amused like it was magic.

During circle time we read the book ” 16 Pumpkins.”  These kiddos LOVE READING!   Please , if you dont do anything else with our child at home read… read… read….

And the pumpkin stand is still in full operation.


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