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Ok, we are getting tired of apples…

Published on September 11, 2012 under A is for apple





Today has been a great day.  I can tell we are all getting in a real routine.   This morning I actually got up ( like the old days ) and went to the gym at 545 and I have felt so much better today !   I feel more organized in being able to implement our lesson plans each day as we are getting to know each other better and what works.


Randy does puppet shows with the kids all the time.  You can hear his booming deep voice from upstairs ” THE PUPPER SHOW IS ABOUT TO BEGIN !”  Today we took time in circle time to look at the puppets and practice moving their mouthes to the music of ” Cool-a-mondo ”  You know, sometimes we get upset for children using toys or other things the WRONG way.. when in fact we never taught them HOW to use them . I am trying to stop myself before correcting a child and ask “Do they know how to use it ? Have I taught them ?”




Melissa stayed for a bit today and played.  I am so excited for her . She has taken a new job as a HIPPY instructor. She is working with some of our kiddos at Bright Beginnings. Actually… she does more working with the parents to show them how to extend the learning at home.  I cant think of a person better for this job.  Melissa is great with kids and has the biggest heart. AND… now she will be hanging out with me at trainings !


LToday we practiced our scissor cutting skills. Many of them I could tell had never touched a pair of scissors.  Proper scissor cutting comes with instruction on hand placement and lots of practice.  Many parents are afraid of scissors at home but I can tell you that we have them out here all the time and so far no blood has been shed.  If you are nervous what you might want to do is restrict their use at the table while you are cooking or reading a book .  If you dont know proper hand placement here is a great little video to help you.

Lilly was so proud of her ” snowman ” and so am I !  With Lilly making circles i know she will be ready to write letters very soon !



Another thing we did to strengthen our fine motor skills ( the muscles we use to write with ) is tear paper.  It sounds easy nenough, right ?  Children want to grasp the whole piece of paper in their hands and rip. Learning to tear small pieces with the two pointer fingers and the thumbs takes patience !


We also read a story about a mouse that wanted an apple from the top of the tree. He was waiting patiently when a few of his friends came by to wait with him.  The dog, the hen, the goat and the cow all got impatient and tried to think of ways to make the apple fall from the tree . None of their tactics worked and they ended up being grumpy and leaving mouse all alone.  What was mouse’s reward for being patient ? THE APPLE! It feel from the tree.

Today we talked a lot about patience.




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