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Its Red Day !

Published on September 14, 2012 under A is for apple



Today has been a dreary rainy day.   Several times I saw the kids lined up at the door or the window just watching the rain fall.  A few times I even heard ” Rain Rain GO Away Come Again Another Day…. ” So sweet to hear little voices sing.

The rain didnt keep us from learning though!  We did a little sequencing !


And we read ” Ten Apples Up On Top”  and did an art / math project with it .  The little picture on the yellow page is the child’s picture and we stamped 10 apples up on top!







Today was RED day,  Red starts with R! I am SO very impressed that we had 100% participation on red day!   My pre-k parents ROCK!


Cooking … we do a cooking experience once a week . Today Randy and the kids made TWO INGREDIENT APPLE CAKE ! WOW…. it was DELICIOUS! They are having it for snack today.  I nibbled a little ( maybe a lot ) and I loved it. You mix one box of angel food cake mix with one can of apple pie filling and spread it in the pan to bake at 350.  Randy sprinkled some apple pie seasoning on top.  It is YUMMY !










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